Full Colour Personalised Name Badges

Name badges play an important role in any business. One of the leading reasons to invest in name badges for your employees is that it creates a strong and personal connection between your staff and a client. When a customer can call one of your employees by name, the gesture allows that customer to have more of personal interaction with your staff—a great way to build a healthy and trusting working relationship.

Using name badges also helps members of your team to feel professional. Badges with their names and your business logo on it are professional identifiers that your staff should feel proud to wear. As employees, they are displaying their association with a great company, and every customer they interact with will know who they are and where they work. Personalised name badges also provide a great way to make your team feel important.

At Direct Trophies & Awards, one of our most popular name badges is our Full Colour Reusable Badge. This option features five different ways to secure a name to the badge, including magnet attachment or a pin clip. You also have the option of including your logo to the left or right of the badge.

Do you have specific wording that you would like to include other than a name? No problem. Just let us know exactly what you want on your name badges and we will make it happen.

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